Values /

JS&A has always taken its own approach to advocacy, focusing on the client’s interest and keeping strict ethical policies.

Balancing these values, JS&A always consider the personal and unique relationship of a legal mandate, whether judicial or non-judicia, allowing it to advise on the law applicable to real life situations.

JSMS does not take the place of its clients: we provide the technique, the zeal and the professional performance; clients bear the risk of their activities and of their court cases. That is why we set high standards when hiring new lawyers and require on-going training from all associates and partners, including active presence in all areas of public life, where best we acquire knowledge as to the

Experts in conflict management and judicial representation, JS&A provides all services requested of those practising law. But because we do not forget the social responsibilities which traditionally accompany the profession, our professionals are also advocates of causes, and do not hesitate to do pro bono work when justified.

All this makes up an institutional heritage which is now decades old, proudly upheld, consolidated and developed by the younger generations, making it the trademark and trade name of JS&A.