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JS&A has always prided itself on the labour law advice it can offer its clients, having always invested heavily in all areas of labour law and consulting. JS&A has vast experience in this area and offers the clients daily advice on labour matters, particularly in drawing up work contracts, work contract promises, rescission agreements, service commissions and many other labour documents such as non-competition and retention agreements, deployment agreements, service orders, internal regulations and temporary worker assignment, our lawyers being frequently appointed as disciplinary process judges.

JS&A supports the clients in cases of company or establishment transfer or business restructuring and have been called on to assist in lay-offs, job closures and collective dismissals.

JS&A has helped resolve collective bargaining conflicts, particularly after signing or altering collective bargaining agreements and company litigation, including workers' and trade union's commissions.

On the other hand, JSMS also has sound experience in labour litigation, including occupational accidents and labour or social security misdemeanours.

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